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I get tired of hearing how there is not a connection between the Druids of today and those of the past. It should be obvious to most anyone that these Druids had families and students. They taught in schools and maintained the traditions and lore of Gaelic society for thousands of years. The families and progeny of these Irish Druids and their schools produced a body of lore and later of literature that is unparalleled in the Western Magical Tradition. In fact, it is the Western most of these traditions. To show this continuity I am assembling a list of known members of the Irish Druid class that are mentioned in the surviving written records over the past 2000+ years. The list is more or less continuous from the year 0 CE until the collapse of the Gaelic Order (which occurred in stages: The Flight of the Earls, The Oppression under Cromwell, The Battle of the Boyne and the Great Hunger).

The formal schools ceased to operate sometime in the 18th century while the craft of the Filidh was limited to families and local schools in the 19th century. Following the Great Hunger a huge Diaspora of Irish people occurred worldwide with the families of the Filidh now settlers, farmers and ranchers looking to make a wage through some other type of work (as Poetry was no longer a sustaining profession in terms of wealth or necessities). The tales continued to be told yet the disciplines of memory, roscana, satire and rhetoric languished. At about the same time the Celtic Romanticists appeared on the scene as a spin off of the marriage between Gaelic folklore and English based magical tradition. Truer magical traditions retreated into the Gaelteachts and the remote conclaves of the Diaspora awaiting a rebirth. These places and people are the holders of the spark which will become a flame.

As part of the work of determining this lineage I thought a good start would be in Kuno Meyers work on Irish Metrics. Meyer provides a list of the "Poets of Ireland" in the appendix of this work. I have OCR'ed and edited this list to show the continuity over the past 2000+ years. As with any OCR effort of two languages and fonts, there are conversion inaccuracies. I'm correcting these as I find them but would appreciate any help that could be offered. I definitely need to ascertain dates and the spellings of names as well as clear up the references where Meyer found his information on the Filidh and Irish Druids. I also need the names of 20th century Irish Poets that may well qualify to be Filidh or be from a family of traditional Filidh. A list of Seanchaí would also be appropriate.

Here's the list as it currently stands (ordered by known dates and it is very long; the first part of the list has Druids and Filidh whose dates are unknown; it is followed by a list of the same whose time of working and living is known from the annals and histories): 

(OCR by Searles O'Dubhain; Original List by Kuno Meyer)

Unknown Date    -    Abach fili (Dindsenchas §34)

Unknown Date    -    Aed Albanach (Abbott, Cat. p.288)

Unknown Date    -    Aedacán mac Finnachta ollam Leithe Cuind (TF. p.176)

Unknown Date    -    Aedán ua Melláin (RC. 13, p.436")

Unknown Date    -    Aedh ua Dálaigh Bréifne

Unknown Date    -    Aedh ua Huiginn mac Briain mhic Fearghail Ruaidh

Unknown Date    -    Aengus Céle Dé, see Aengus mac Aengobann

Unknown Date    -    Aengus mac Máildúin maic Aeda maic Néill (RC. vi, p.183)

Unknown Date    -    Aengus mac Suibne (Rawl. B. 502, p.72'')

Unknown Date    -    Aengus na diadhachta, see Aengus Fionn ua Dálaigh

Unknown Date    -    Aengus na n-áer, see Aengus Ruadh mac Amhlaoibh

Unknown Date    -    Aengus ollam mac Ailello maic Labrada (Ir. T. iii, p.364)

Unknown Date    -    Aengus ua Heodhusa

Unknown Date    -    Ai mac Olloman (Ir. T. iii, pp.34, 65; Lism. fo. i25b 2)

Unknown Date    -    Aindrias mac Mathghamhna

Unknown Date    -    Ailill 'Olum fili

Unknown Date    -    Airbertach mac Coisse-dobráin filid (LL. p.135)

Unknown Date    -    Aircion mac Crannchair na long (O'Gr. Cat. p.591)

Unknown Date    -    Amairgen Glúngel mac Miled

Unknown Date    -    Amairgen mac Ecetsalaig (CZ. iii, p.15)

Unknown Date    -    an Bard Ruadh, see Aengus Ruadh mac Amhlaoibh

Unknown Date    -    an Bromach ua Muireadhaigh (O'Gr. Cat. rj. 586)

Unknown Date    -    an Giolla Riabhach mac Taidhg Chaim ua Cléirigh

Unknown Date    -    an Giolla Riabhach mac Tuathail ua Cléirigh

Unknown Date    -    Anmchaid (LL. p.316c)

Unknown Date    -    Art mac Bingheacht (Gael. J. 14, p.6q^. b )

Unknown Date    -    Athairne ua Heodhusa mac Seáin f^Sg

Unknown Date    -    Báetach ua Búirecháin (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Báithín mac Brénainn maic Fergusa ua Muiredaig 536-599(Gael. J. iv, p, 229b )

Unknown Date    -    Banbán éices (Hib. Min. p.46)

Unknown Date    -    Baothghalach (Boetius) Ruadh mac Aodhagáin (O'R. p.civ)

Unknown Date    -    Bard Bóinne 1931(FM.)

Unknown Date    -    Bard Maile (LL. p.i 52b )

Unknown Date    -    Bee Boirche

Unknown Date    -    Bee mac Dé (druad) 1551(Tig.)

Unknown Date    -    Braccán of Ard Braccáin 7

Unknown Date    -    Bressal briuga (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Brian mac Giolla Meidhre, see Brian Merriman

Unknown Date    -    Brian ua Huiginn mac Ferghail Ruaidh (Ferm. 117)

Unknown Date    -    Briccne mac Brigni (LL. p.311 b )

Unknown Date    -    Briccne mac Cairbri in biltenga (CZ. p.iii, 16)

Unknown Date    -    Brigit ban'fili 7bandrui ingen Echdach Ollathir (O'Mulc. 159LL. p.187° ; Corm. s.v. Brigit)

Unknown Date    -    Cathal ua Fearadhaigh (Gael. J. 14, p.799)

Unknown Date    -    Cairbre Cluchechair (LL. p.312a )

Unknown Date    -    Cairbre fili mac Ailella Máir (Acall. 2551; Fél. 2p.148)

Unknown Date    -    Cairbre mac Etnai (Etaine) (Crithinbél) (LL. 11* 29; CZ. iii, p.16; Ir. T. iii, p.65; Corm. Tr. pp.37, 144)

Unknown Date    -    Cat. pp.300, 303)

Unknown Date    -    Cethernach ua Catháin

Unknown Date    -    Ceannfáelad na foglama mac Ailella maic Báetáin |679

Unknown Date    -    Ceanngégáin (Ir. T. iii. p.101)

Unknown Date    -    Cearbhall Fionn ua Dálaigh

Unknown Date    -    Cearbhall mac Conchobhair ua Dálaigh (Ferm.)

Unknown Date    -    Céile Dabaill mac Scannláin 1927

Unknown Date    -    Cíarán mac in tSáir

Unknown Date    -    Cináed ua Hartacáin 1975

Unknown Date    -    Cobthach mac Sáergaile (Ir. T. iii, p.66)

Unknown Date    -    Cóemgen Glinne Dá Locha

Unknown Date    -    Coireall mac Curnáin (Abbott, Cat. pp.291, 307)

Unknown Date    -    Colmán mac Coimgelláin (CZ. iii, p.15)

Unknown Date    -    Colmán mac Fergusa (TF. a.d. 610)

Unknown Date    -    Colmán mac Léníne 16o4 (Corm. Tr. pp.10, 42; RC. xx, p.40 Lism. L. pp.63, 210)

Unknown Date    -    Comgán, see Mac Dá Cherda

Unknown Date    -    Congal mac Echdach Feidlig (O'R. p.xvi)

Unknown Date    -    Conn mac Seáin ua Néill (Egerton 155, p.153)

Unknown Date    -    Cormac fili (LL. p.28) = Cormac mac Cuilennáin ?

Unknown Date    -    Cormac na casbairne ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Cat. p.331)

Unknown Date    -    Cormac ua Líatháin (Reeves' Columba p.264, Gorm. p.xi)

Unknown Date    -    Cormacán éces mac Máelebrigte

Unknown Date    -    Crechduile (i nAlbain, RC. 26, p.8)

Unknown Date    -    Crichenbél cáinte, see Cairbre mac Etnai

Unknown Date    -    Crittine fili (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Crossán Finn, see Maol'Isa Crossán Finn

Unknown Date    -    Cruittine (LL. p.186*25, Corm. Tr. p.102)

Unknown Date    -    Cundedán (Lism. L. p.107)

Unknown Date    -    Cú-chollchoille ua Báigelláin fmg

Unknown Date    -    Cu-Chonnacht mac Tairdhealbhaigh Bhuidhe (Book ofthe Dean of Lismore)

Unknown Date    -    Cuigne mac Emoin (Arch, iii, p.226)

Unknown Date    -    Cuirell mac Curnáin

Unknown Date    -    Cu-temin mac Aigile (Hy Fiach. p.40)

Unknown Date    -    Dá Choca (Hib. Min. p.46)

Unknown Date    -    Dathen éces (LU. p.32*6, RC. 16, p.279)

Unknown Date    -    Dáibhídh mac Gearailt (Gael. J. 14, p.693»)

Unknown Date    -    Dalian mac Machacáin maic Echthigirn (Dinds. §21)

Unknown Date    -    Dall Clárenech, see Gilla Modhuda na Casaide

Unknown Date    -    Dall mac Cuarta, see Séamus Dall

Unknown Date    -    Dall ua Lonáin airdfile 7airdsenchaid na Muman fio64

Unknown Date    -    Dennis, see Donnchadh

Unknown Date    -    Derccu glasfili comalta Cairpri maic Néill (Rawl. B. 502, p.I2+ a )

Unknown Date    -    Derg mac Drethail (O'Gr. Cat. p.592)

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid (Darby) ua Riain (Gael. J. iii, 55*)

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid Innsi Clothrann (LB. 26i a )

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid mac Cárrthaigh (Gael. J. 14, p.7o8b )

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid mac Cearbhaill (LL. p.i49b )

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid mac Eoghain mhic Mhathghamhna ua Dálaigh ollamh

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid mac Muircheadhaigh (Abbott, Cat. p.316)

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid 'Og ua Murchadha (Gael. J. xiv, p.757s )

Unknown Date    -    Diarmaid ua Hiffernáin (Book ofthe Dean)

Unknown Date    -    Digdi, see Caillech Béirri

Unknown Date    -    Dírengdrái (Arch, ii, p.142; SG. p.93, 28; Ir. Texts Soc. vii, p.10)

Unknown Date    -    Dond nandúan (LL. p.137b 17)

Unknown Date    -    Doiminic Cosgar

Unknown Date    -    Domhnall Gorm mac Lochlainn (O'Gr. Cat. p.617

Unknown Date    -    Domhnall na tuile mac Carthaigh (O'Gr. Cat. p.632; O'R. p.cxxxviii, Egerton 155, p.156)

Unknown Date    -    Domhnall ua Sléibhín ardollam Oirgiall fi 169

Unknown Date    -    Donnchadh Dall ua Laoghaire (Gael. J. 14, p.600 b )

Unknown Date    -    Donnchadh mac Eoghain ua Dálaigh (Ferm. p.95b )

Unknown Date    -    Donnchadh ua Futhail (Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. p.370)

Unknown Date    -    Donnchadh ua Muirghiusa (Abbott, Cat. p.301)

Unknown Date    -    Dorbán fili Connacht (LU. p.38b 7, 394)

Unknown Date    -    Draigen mac Dorndobied (Ir. T. iii, p.104, 6)

Unknown Date    -    Druimm Súithe (Dinds. §160)

Unknown Date    -    Dubthach lánfili (LL. 3i5b )

Unknown Date    -    Dubdáchonn (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Dubdartach Béirri f865(Arch, iii, p.291)

Unknown Date    -    Dubdóid (LL. p.330 b )

Unknown Date    -    Dubhghall mac Firbhisigh fit»6o

Unknown Date    -    Dubhlitir ua Huathghaile 1(LL. p.i4i b , Rawl. B. 502, p.68b )

Unknown Date    -    Dúnchad ua Brain fqyi (CZ. iii, p.35)

Unknown Date    -    Eachtghus ua Cúanáin (Gorm. p.x)

Unknown Date    -    Eamonn mac Seáin 'Oig Mhaoil (Gael. J. 14, p.7g8b )

Unknown Date    -    Eamonn ua Cléirigh (Gael. J. iii, 75')

Unknown Date    -    Eithne ingen Emangáeth (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    En mac Ethomain (Rev. Celt, xii, p.7b)

Unknown Date    -    Eochaidh Dalian, see Dalian Forgaill

Unknown Date    -    Eochaidh éiges ua Cléirecháin

Unknown Date    -    Eochaidh ua Caoimhgin (Abbott, Cat. p.378)

Unknown Date    -    Eoghan mac Aengusa ua Dálaigh (Ferm. p.1031)

Unknown Date    -    Eoghan mac Aodha Buidhe mhic Aedha Duibh ua Domhnaill

Unknown Date    -    Eoghan mac Conchobhair ua Dálaigh (Ferm. p.77'')

Unknown Date    -    Eoghan Mór ua Dálaigh (Ferm. p.n6b )

Unknown Date    -    Eoghan ua Ceallacháin (Eg. 150, p.719)

Unknown Date    -    Eóin Másach ua Maethagáin (Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. p.328)

Unknown Date    -    Erard mac Coisse príméices ''Eirenn Í990 (AU.)

Unknown Date    -    Erurach Innse Móire (Fél. 2p.6)

Unknown Date    -    Etan banfili ingen Déincecht (CZ. iii, p.16; LU. 38h 4o)

Unknown Date    -    Faifne fili príméices Laigen 1958(FM.)

Unknown Date    -    Fear dorcha ua Melláin (Eg. 187, p.22)

Unknown Date    -    Fear gan ainm mac Eochadha (O'Gr. Cat. p.648)

Unknown Date    -    Fear Muman (Ir. T. iii, p.34, O'Mulc. 836; Corm. Tr. p.11, 61, 62, 81, 84)

Unknown Date    -    Fearchar (O'Gr. Cat. p.361)

Unknown Date    -    Fearghal mac Domhnaill Ruaidh mac an Bhaird fisso

Unknown Date    -    Fearghal mac Eoghain ua Fialáin fisio

Unknown Date    -    Fearghal mac Tomáis mac Eochadha (Abbott, Cat. 300)

Unknown Date    -    Fearghal 'Og mac Eochadha (Abbot Ca p.302;

Unknown Date    -    Feargus fianach (Laws i, p.24)

Unknown Date    -    Feargus fili mac Athairne (Laws i, p.22)

Unknown Date    -    Feidhlimidh mac Carthaigh (O'Gr. Cat. p.632)

Unknown Date    -    Feidhlimidh mac Crimthainn ri Muman 1847(Lism. L. p.xxxviii)

Unknown Date    -    Ferchertne fili Conrói i.cent. (CZ. iii, p.41)

Unknown Date    -    Find fili mac Rossa Rúaid (pronepos Sétnai, O'Mulc. 606)

Unknown Date    -    Find mac Cumaill ua Báiscne

Unknown Date    -    Fínán (Ir.T. iii, p.38)

Unknown Date    -    Fínán mac Fiachrach di Dál Aride (Laud 610, fo. 97b )

Unknown Date    -    Finnchú Brí Gobhann (CZ. iii, p.31)

Unknown Date    -    Finnéces (Macgn. F. §17)

Unknown Date    -    Fínsnechta ua Cuill fili Muman 1958

Unknown Date    -    Flaithbertach ua Hinmhoinén (Lism. fo. 143s )

Unknown Date    -    Flaithchius fili Connacht (LU. p.39; '4)

Unknown Date    -    Flann mac Bairdine do feraib Alban (Ir. T. iii, p.65)

Unknown Date    -    Flann Mainistrech

Unknown Date    -    Flann mac Máilmáedóc

Unknown Date    -    Flannacán, see Eochaid ua Flainn

Unknown Date    -    Fúathach Fírchestach (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Fulartach (LL. p.153, 192)

Unknown Date    -    Giolla Dubh ua Gluaráin (Gael. J. xvi, p.225a)

Unknown Date    -    Giolla na naomh Ruadh mac Eochadha (Abbott, Cat. p.300)

Unknown Date    -    Giolla na naomh ua Duinn Sléibhe fer léiginn Inse Clothrann

Unknown Date    -    Giolla na naomh ua Dúnabhra ollam Connacht fnoi

Unknown Date    -    Glasdám cáinte (Bóroma § 51)

Unknown Date    -    Goll Cluana, see Giolla Pádraig ua Haireachtaigh

Unknown Date    -    Gris banliccerd ingen Richisi (SG. ii, p.482, 23)

Unknown Date    -    Iollann ua Domhnalláin ió. (CZ. ii, p.330; O'Gr. Ca p.380)

Unknown Date    -    Labhán draoi, file Albanach (Keat. Hist, iii, p.58)

Unknown Date    -    Laidcend mac Baircheda (Rawl. B. 502, p.ii5b )

Unknown Date    -    Laidgnén scolaige di Laignib (Ir. T. iii, p.101)

Unknown Date    -    Laigech fili (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Lomaide (Lism. fo. i43a2)

Unknown Date    -    Lonn mac Liomhtha (O'Gr. Cat. p.592)

Unknown Date    -    Luccraid (Lucrith) moccu Chiara (Laud 610, fo. 94s1; Rawl. B.)

Unknown Date    -    Lugaid Dall (Corm. s.v. coire Breccáin)

Unknown Date    -    Lugaid mac 'Itha

Unknown Date    -    máthair Dega maic Cairpri (Rawl. B. 502, p.i28a )

Unknown Date    -    Mathghamhain ua Duibhgeannáin (Gael. J. 14, p.836*)

Unknown Date    -    Mac Amhlaoibh íó. (O.R. p.cxlv)\Iac an Fileadh, see Giolla Crist mac Amhlaoibh

Unknown Date    -    Mac Bethad mac Ainmere fio4i

Unknown Date    -    Mac Cassarly (Abbott, Cat. p.300)

Unknown Date    -    Mac Coisse, see Airbertach

Unknown Date    -    Mac Laitheóge, see Flann mac Lonáin

Unknown Date    -    Mac Lenin (LL. p.37), see Colmán m. Léníne

Unknown Date    -    Mac Liathglaisse mac Sáráin meic Duibi (Rawl. B. 502)

Unknown Date    -    Mac Liag fioit> (LL. p.i52a)

Unknown Date    -    Mac Meic Raith airdFile na Muman (Hardiman ii, p.202, where for 'Mheic Liag' (read 'Mheic Ghiolla Chaoimh.))

Unknown Date    -    Mac Raith fili m. Flaind m. Echthigirn (BB. 182b 32)

Unknown Date    -    Mac Raith ua Paáin (LL. p.188b )

Unknown Date    -    Mac Reith (faith Finn m. Chumaill, SG. 93, 28)

Unknown Date    -    Mac Samáin, see Garbdaire

Unknown Date    -    Maccaomh Innse Creamha, see Cearbhall ua Dálaigh

Unknown Date    -    Mac-nia mac Oengusa (LL. p.194*)

Unknown Date    -    Maithias Mór ua Cillin (Ferm. p.i23b )

Unknown Date    -    Máire Lionduin (Alindon)

Unknown Date    -    Maoilin ua an Cháinte ió. (CZ. ii, p.349)

Unknown Date    -    Maol cáich mac Scandláin temp.Aeda Róin (LL. p.33o e )

Unknown Date    -    Maol Cainnig ua Tolaig mac Láiri Láidig (LL. p.37b )

Unknown Date    -    Maol geimhridh (Fél. 2 p.130)

Unknown Date    -    Maol Muire ua Gormáin

Unknown Date    -    Maol Muire ua Lennáin (Arch. II, p.143)

Unknown Date    -    Maol Muru Othna |S87

Unknown Date    -    Maol Pátraic, see Pátríne

Unknown Date    -    Maol Tamlachta (Abbott, Cat. p.292)

Unknown Date    -    Maolsuthain ua Cearbhaill fioio (CZ. v, p.498)

Unknown Date    -    Maon mac 'Etna (Edaine) (Dinds. §42, Conn. Tr. p.112)

Unknown Date    -    Marcus ua Gribhthin (Eg. 150, p.398)

Unknown Date    -    Medb Lethderg (LL. p.44b )

Unknown Date    -    Menma mac Oengusa (Arch, ii, p.145)

Unknown Date    -    Micheál ua Domhnaill (Gael. J. 16, p.213*)

Unknown Date    -    Mochuta mac Finaill do Chíarraigib Lúachra (Bruss. MS. 2324, fo. 2Ó3b )

Unknown Date    -    Molúa Cluana Ferta

Unknown Date    -    Mongán mac Fíachnai

Unknown Date    -    Morann mac Cairbri Chroimchinn (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Muine éices (Ir. T. iii, p.66)

Unknown Date    -    Muircheartach Bee mac Conchertaig, see Mac Liag

Unknown Date    -    Muircheartach mac an leagha (LL. p.394)

Unknown Date    -    Muircheartach ua Floinn (Ferm. p.103*)

Unknown Date    -    Muiris ua Moghan (Gael. J. 16, p.196)

Unknown Date    -    Mumu éices (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Murchadh gan chris mac Crajth (O'Gr. Cat. p.338)

Unknown Date    -    Muru Fathna, see Maol Muru

Unknown Date    -    Néide ua Maoilmhanaigh (Abbott, Cat. p.308)

Unknown Date    -    Nera mac Findchuill a Sid ar Femin (CZ. iii. p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Niall mac Eoghain Bhig (Book of the Dean)

Unknown Date    -    Nicolas ua Domhnaill (Gael. J. 14, p.7o8b )

Unknown Date    -    Noes éces mac Ailella Tassaig  (Rawl. B. 502, p.15i b )

Unknown Date    -    Núadu Fuin éces, Anecd. ii, p.77

Unknown Date    -    Núadu ua Lomthuile (Tig. a.d. 721)

Unknown Date    -    Ocha éces (Arch, iii, p.241)

Unknown Date    -    Onchú (Fel. 2p.70)

Unknown Date    -    Orthanach ua Cáelláma Cuirrich (TF. a.d. 722; Rawl. B. 502, p.88b ; LL. p.51 b)

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Cathaláin (Gael. J. 14, p.767)

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Cúáin (O'Gr. Cat. p.621)

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Dobhailen (Devlin) (Gael. J. iv, 73)

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Donnghaiie (Gael. J. xli, 58*)

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Healaidhe (Hard, ii, p.230)

Unknown Date    -    Padraig ua Héigceartaigh

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Hiarlaithe (Gael. J. 14, p.657b )

Unknown Date    -    Pádraig ua Súilleabháin (Gael. J. 14, p.7o8b )

Unknown Date    -    Pátríne (Arch, iii, p.30 1) 1

Unknown Date    -    Peadar ua Gonaguil

Unknown Date    -    Pilip ministéir, see Pilip ua Brádaigh

Unknown Date    -    Ristard de Búrc (Abbott, Cat. p.316)

Unknown Date    -    Roigne Roscadach mac Ugaini Móir (CZ. iii. p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Ross Ruad (LL. p.31i c r 5)

Unknown Date    -    Ruamann (Ir. T. iii. p.10)

Unknown Date    -    Sanctán epscop

Unknown Date    -    Scandlán mac Eoghain (LU. 395)

Unknown Date    -    Scandlán Mór (CZ. iii. p.37)

Unknown Date    -    Séadna file mac Airt Chirb (Rawl. B. 502, p.165)

Unknown Date    -    Sealbhach

Unknown Date    -    Séamus Bhailis nó Breathnach (Gael. J. x, 1i a )

Unknown Date    -    Séamus Bonnvill (Eg. 150, p.670)

Unknown Date    -    Séamus Cosgar

Unknown Date    -    Séamus mac Uilliaim (Gael. J. xiv, p.709)

Unknown Date    -    Séamus na srón Power (Gael. J. iii, p.4)

Unknown Date    -    Séamus ua Dorian

Unknown Date    -    Séamus ua Leathlobhair (Gael. J. xii, 59b )

Unknown Date    -    Seán Ballach ua Duibhgeannáin fl. 1690 (O'R. p.ccii)

Unknown Date    -    Seán Bán ua Cléirigh

Unknown Date    -    Seán mac Conaill (O'Gr. Cat. p.574)

Unknown Date    -    Seán mac Conmidhe (John Conway), (O'Gr. Ca pp.342, 368; Abbot Ca p.379)

Unknown Date    -    Seán mac Muirghisui Urthaile (O'Gr. Cat. p.523)

Unknown Date    -    Seán mac Pilip mhic Eochadha (Abbott, Cat. p.301)

Unknown Date    -    Seán mac Taidhg mhic Mhuircheartaigh ua Ceallacháin (Gael. J. 14, p.799a )

Unknown Date    -    Seán na Cléire (Abbott, Cat. p.387)

Unknown Date    -    Seán Ruadh mac Bradaigh mhic Fiachra (Gael. J. xii, 55)

Unknown Date    -    Seán Ruadh ua Seitheacháin (Abbott, Cat. p.316)

Unknown Date    -    Seán ua Maothagáin (Ferm. fo. i2o a i, I2i b i)

Unknown Date    -    Seanbheag ua Hebric (CZ. iii, p.16)

Unknown Date    -    Seancha mac Ailella

Unknown Date    -    Searlus Buidhe mac Cuilleann (Oss. v, p.5)

Unknown Date    -    Segine abb Iae

Unknown Date    -    Tadhg mac Domhnaill 'Og (Ferm. p.28a )

Unknown Date    -    Tadhg Ruadh ua Conchobhair (Gael. J. xii, p.57b )

Unknown Date    -    Tadhg ua Doirnin

Unknown Date    -    Toirdhealbhach mac Cudhaidhe (M'Covey) (Gael. J. xiv, p.694)

Unknown Date    -    Toirdhealbhach 'Og mac Donnchadha

Unknown Date    -    Toirdhealbhach 'Og ua Mithan (Gael. J. xvi. p.210 1)

Unknown Date    -    Tomás de Róiste (Gael. J, iii, 65a )

Unknown Date    -    Tomás Flavell (Hard, i, p.337)

Unknown Date    -    Tomás mac Craith

Unknown Date    -    Tomás Prinnbhiol (T. Prundivill) (O'Gr. Cat. p.586; Abbott, Cat. p.316)

Unknown Date    -    Tomás Ruadh ua Súilliobháin (Gael. J. iii, p.109)

Unknown Date    -    Tuathal mac an Bhaird (YBL. pp.394s , &c.)

Unknown Date    -    Tuán mac Cairill

Unknown Date    -    Ua Baodhasa (Eg. 146)

Unknown Date    -    Ua Baoighelláin fni8

Unknown Date    -    Ua Derglega (Ir. T. iii, p.105, 30)

Unknown Date    -    Ua Lonáin Cáech fioÓ4

Unknown Date    -    Ua Máilcháin ollam Dál Cais fiogó

Unknown Date    -    Uilliam Aorach ua Conaill (Gael. J. 14, p.799s )

Unknown Date    -    Uilliam mac an Leagha (O'Gr. Cat. p.646; Abbott, Cat. p.294)

Unknown Date    -    Uilliam mac Barúin Delvin (Abbott, Cat. p.367)

Unknown Date    -    Uilliam ua Hicidhe (Gael. J. xii, 58s )

Unknown Date    -    Uilliam ua Murchadha (Eg. 150, p.500)

Unknown Date    -    Ultán Liathdroma

Unknown Date    -    Giolla Pádraig 'Og ua Fialáin

Unknown Date    -    Giolla Pádraig ua Huidhir

AM. 3922    -    Eochaidh ollamh Fódla (FM.)

1st Century    -    Adnae mac Uthidir

1st Century    -    Cathbad drúi

1st Century    -    Conchobhar mac Nessa

1st Century    -    Ferchertne mac Glaiss

1st Century    -    Néide mac Adnai (Corm. Tr. 87)

1st Century    -    Morann (m. Móin) mac Cairbri Chinnchaitt (CZ. iii, p.16)

1st Century    -    Lugair lán'fili (LL. p.315°, 316b ; Rawl. B. 502, p.i2o a ) 

1st Century    -    Athairne Ailgesach mac Athgló (RC. viii, p.48; Ir. iii, p.65)

1st Century    -    EochuEchbél di Albain (RC. 26, p.8)

1st Century    -    MogRuith (Acall. 2552)

2nd Century    -    Cessirne fili Cuinn Chétchathaig

2nd Century    -    Fingein mac Luchta

2nd Century    -    Ferchess mac Commáin (Corm. Tr. p.142; R.C. 13, P- 434)

2nd Century    -    Uilliam ua Fináin (H. 17, p.235)

3rd Century    -    Cáilte mac Rónáin

3rd Century    -    Cethern mac Fintain

3rd Century    -    Conán mac Morna

3rd Century    -    Cormac mac Airt

3rd Century    -    Diarmaid ua Duibhne

3rd Century    -    Flaithri mac Fithil

3rd Century    -    Goll mac Morna

3rd Century    -    Oisin mac Find

3rd Century    -    Fachtna mac Sencha (CZ. iii, p.16)

3rd Century    -    Feargus Fínbél fili Finn (Dinds. §52) – 4)

3rd Century    -    Fithel (LL. p.149)

3rd Century    -    Pilip Bocht ua Hniginn (Gael. J. xii., 55b ; H. 19, p.12)

3rd Century    -    Maol Seachlainn ua Huiginn (H. 19, p.26)

3rd Century    -    Tadhg Ballach ua Dálaigh (H. 19, p.26)

3rd Century    -    Domhnall ua Huallacháin (H. 23, p.18)

3rd Century    -    Cairbre Lifechair mac Cormaic (RC. 12, 70)

4th Century    -    Conchobhar Ruadh mac an Bhaird 115

4th Century    -    Torna éces

4th Century    -    Uilliam 'Og mac an Bhaird mac Cormaic (H. 15)

4th Century    -    Domhnall mac Gillai na naomh (H. 15, p.150)

4th Century    -    Muirghius 'Og mac Gerailt (H. 15, p.197)

4th Century    -    Domhnall Cnuic an Bhile mac Carthaigh (Ferm. 26a i ; H. 15, p.89)

4th Century    -    Ferchertne fili Labrada Luirc (CZ. iii, p. 6)

4th Century    -    Giolla Caomhain ua Cuirnín (H. 6, p.2)

461    -    Pádraig mac Calpuirn

5 /6th Century    -    Seanán Innse Cathaig mac Gerrchinn

5th Century    -    Ailbe Imblecha

5th Century    -    Caillin mac Niatach

5th Century    -    Seachnall (Secundinus)

5th Century    -    Bécán mac Cúla (Fél. 2pp.6, 112)

5th Century    -    Dubthach moccu Lugair (LL. )

5th Century    -    Feargus fili (Trip. p.564)

5th Century    -    Laisrén (Molasse) Daminse 564(or 571, AU.)

500    -    Fiacc Sleibte

517 -602    -    Comgall Bennchuir

570    -    Ita

577    -    Brénainn Clúana Ferta f577

594    -    Feidhelm (FM.)

597    -    Colum Cille

6th Century    -    Amairgen mac Amalgado

6th Century    -    Annach mac Duibinse maic Chaibdenaig maic 'Enna maicNéill Nóigíallaig

6th Century    -    Báithín mac Cúanach

6th Century    -    Berchán

6th Century    -    Cairnech

6th Century    -    Fintan mac Bóchra

6th Century    -    Rúadán Lothra

6th Century    -    Iarlaithe (Arch, ii, p.142)

6th Century    -    Bécán mac Luigdech (Laud 615, p.114)

6th Century    -    Aengus mac Díchóime (Otia Merseiana iii, p.47)

6th Century    -    Maine éces  (Rawl. B. 502, p.120 b )

6th Century    -    MacCochlan (H. 8, p.n b )

666    -    Manchín Léith an Mangaire Súgach, see Andrias mac Craith

604    -    in Chaillech Laigen (Tig.)

615    -    Maol Cobha (Tig.)

621    -    Nindíne éces (Tig.)

624    -    Máedóc Ferna

653    -    Fursa Cráibdech

661    -    Cuimmine Fota

687    -    Gaborchenn (quoted TF.)

7th Century    -    Créde ingen Gúairi

7th Century    -    Cuirither mac Doborchon

7th Century    -    Líadain ban-éces di Chorco Duibne

7th Century    -    Mac Dá Cherda mac Máileochtraig maic Dinertaig

7th Century    -    Mac Teléne

7th Century    -    Marbán mac Colmáin

7th Century    -    Marbgein mac Moga Ruith, Anecd. ii, p.7

7th Century    -    Seanchán Torpéist

7th Century    -    Suibhne Geilt

7th Century    -    Crónán (Adamn. i, 42)

7th Century    -    Moccu Dulsaine (Corm. s. v.)

7th Century    -    ingen húi Dulsaini (Corm. s.v. )

7th Century    -    Sinech Cró (CZ. iii, p.205)

7th Century    -    Rechtgal ua Siadail (LL. 37"; Ir. iii. p.7; Conn.)

7th Century    -    Braccán Clóen (O'Mulc. 108)

7th Century    -    Flaithir (Flaittir ?)  (RC. 13, p.370)

703    -    Conall Menn (TF.)

721    -    Cú-Bretan mac Congusa

770    -    Donnchadh Uasal

8 /9th Century    -    Aengus mac Aengobann maic Oiblén

8th Century    -    Aed Allan

8th Century    -    Anér mac Conglinne

8th Century    -    Cearmna fili

8th Century    -    fo. 36, Pátríne is identical with Máelpátraic presbyter Cluana, who died a.d. 102

8th Century    -    in Chaillech Béirri

8th Century    -    Maol tuile ua Burcháin

8th Century    -    Commán mac Fáelchon (23N 10, p.93)

8th Century    -    Roennu Ressamnach (Aisl. M. p.109)

8th Century    -    Garbdaire mac Samáin (Conn. Tr. p.8; Aisl. M. p.7)

8th Century    -    Donn bó (TF. p.34)

850    -    Fingein mac Flainn

852    -    Maol Féichíne (TF.)

871    -    Colgu mac Connacán

9 /10th Century    -    Dalian mac More (LL. p.47-52b )

9th Century    -    Aed Find (Anecdota i, p.74)

9th Century    -    Laitheóc Láidech ingen Laignecháin (B. iv 2, p.6i b)

9th Century    -    Fothad na Canóine (LL. p.148a , 149)

9th Century    -    Flannacán mac Cellaig Breg (YBL. p.125a , FM. 876 890. 891)

918    -    Flann mac Lonáin (Mac Laitheóge)

919    -    GormFlaith ingen Flainn Sinna

930    -    Aengus mac Aengusa (Ir. T. iii, p.8)

932    -    Uallach ingen Muimnecháin

954    -    Aed ua Raithnén FM. 954

978    -    Dubdálethe

980    -    Mugrón abb Iae

999    -    Ceallach ua Maelchorgais 999(FM.)

10th Century    -    Broccán Cráibdech (LL. p.43b )

1000    -    Domhnall mac Flannagáin (MS. Mat. pp.222, 577)

1003    -    Eochaidh ua Flannagáin (Flainn) (AU.)

1008    -    Cormac mac Cuilennáin

1009    -    Clothna mac Aengusa primFile 'Erenn (LL. p.37°)

1023    -    Erard mac Coisse-briad (FM.)

1024    -    Cúán ua Lothcháin

1030    -    Cú-mara mac Mic Liagh

1030    -    Eochaidh ua Ceithnén (AU. FM.)

1031    -    Giolla Comhghaill ua Sléibhéne (FM.)

1048    -    Ceannfaelad ua Cuill ollam Mumanf

1067    -    Morcha ua Cairthig

1067    -    Murchadh ua Carthaig prímdrúith 7 prímollam Connacht

1067    -    Muireadhach ua Carthaigh

1072    -    Giolla Coemhain mac (ua) Gilla Saer Samthainne (LL. p.129m. i.)

1079    -    Ceallach ua Ruanada (LL. p.38)

1086    -    Maol 'losa ua Brolcháin

1088    -    Maol 'losa ua Maoilghiric

11th Century    -    Colmán ua Seasnáin

11th Century    -    Donnchadh mac Briain na Bórumha

11th Century    -    Donnchuach ua Huathghaile

11th Century    -    Eochaidh Eolach ua Céirín (LU. 39115, LL, 196)

11th Century    -    Dubhlaing ua Hartagáin (O'Gr. Ca p.26)

11th Century    -    Mac Giolla Chaoimh

1100    -    Flann ua Cináeda

1103    -    Murchadh ua Flaithegáin

1130    -    Giolla Pádraig ua Haireachtaigh (Goll Cluana) ollamh iarthair Midhi

1143    -    Giolla Aengusa ua Clúmáin ollam Connacht (FM.)

1131    -    Fear dána ua Carthaigh (FM.)

1136    -    Tanaidhe ua Maoilchonaire (LL. p.106)

1137    -    Maol Tosa Crossán finn

1139    -    Cu-Chonnacht na scoile ua Dálaigh

1143    -    Giolla Modudha ua Casaide (LL. p.136)

1148    -    Amhlaoibh Mór mac Firbhisigh

1161    -    Raghnall ua Dálaigh (ollam Desmuman le dán)

1166    -    Giolla Muire (an dall) ua Conallta (FM.)

1166    -    Da-chiaróc (FM.)

1168    -    Flannacán ua Dubthaig

1170    -    Aindiles ua Clumháin

1185    -    Maol 'losa ua Dálaigh ollamh 'Eireann 7Alban

1187    -    Giolla 'Iosa (Gelasius) mac Ailella ua Braoin

12th Century    -    Giolla an Choimdedh ua Cormaic (LL. i43a)

12th Century    -    Aedh Ollabhar ua Carthaigh (LL. p.188 h)

12th Century    -    Maol Muire ua Móirín (O'Gr. Ca p.646)

1213    -    Muireadhach Albanach (Lessa in Daill) ua Dálaigh (Midhe) (FM.; Book of the Dean)

1218    -    Giolla Earnáin ua Martain ollamh 'Eirenn

1218    -    Ua Máil-Rióc

1224    -    Muirghius canánach mac Ruaidhri ua Conchobhair

1231    -    Duinnin ua Maoilchonaire

1232    -    Giolla na naomh ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Cat. p.331)

1244    -    Donnchadh Mór ua Dálaigh

1245    -    Cearbhall Buidhe mac Taidhg mhic Aengusa Fionnabhraigh ua Dálaigh

1259    -    in Giolla Cam mac Giolla Chiaráin

1268    -    Aengus ua Dálaigh

1270    -    Dubh.súilech ua Maoilchonaire (ALC.)

1270    -    Dúnlang ua Maoilchonaire (ALC.)

1270    -    Tanaidhe Mór mac Duinnin mhic Néidhe mhic Conaing Bhuidhe ua Maoilchonaire ALC. a.d. 1270)

1274    -    Tadhg mac Cearbhaill Bhuidhe ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Cat. P- 330

1279    -    Giolla 'Iosa Mór mac Firbhisigh

1289    -    Matha ua Scinginf

13th Century    -    Conaing Buidhe ua Maoilchonaire

13th Century    -    Conchobhar ua Cellaigh

13th Century    -    Donnchadh Lose ua Maoilchonaire (ALC. 1233, 1274, 1278, 1288)

13th Century    -    Maoilire ua Maolagáin (O'R.)

13th Century    -    Giolla Brighde Albanach mac Conmidhe (O'C ii, pp.162-166)

1300    -    Cobhthach ua Carmain

1301    -    Giolla 'Iosa mac Firbhisigh

1302    -    Seán mac Donnchadha mhic Firbhisigh

1308    -    Giolla Crist mac Amhlaoibh

1311    -    Maol 'losa ua Dálaigh (AC)

1311    -    Giolla 'Iosa (Gelasius) ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Cat. p.331)

1315    -    Tadhg Mór ua Huiginn

1328    -    Muirghius ua Gibelláin

1329    -    Maol 'losa Donn mac Aodhagáin

1330    -    Giolla 'Iosa Ruadh ua Raghallaigh

1337    -    Matha ua Huiginn (FM.)

1340    -    Niall ua Huiginn

1340    -    Pilip ua Duibhgeannáin

1342    -    Flann 'Og ua Domhnalláin ollamh Connachtf

1343    -    Ruaidhri mac Craith ollamh Leithe Mogha

1347    -    Síodhradh ua Cuirnín ollamh na Bréifne

1349    -    Giolla na naomh ua Huiginn

1350    -    Aengus Ruadh ua Dálaigh "("1350

1354    -    Maol Seachlainn mac Rithbheartaigh

1354    -    Saorbhreathach mac Maoillosa Dhuinn mhic Aodhagáin ollamh Conmhaicne

1357    -    Fearghal ua Duibhgennáin ollamh na Bréifne

1362    -    Amhlaoibh mac Firbhisigh

1372    -    Seán Mór ua Dubhagáin (O'Gr. Cat. pp.52, 356)

1373    -    Ceallach mac Cruitín

1375    -    Maol Seachlainn ua Domhnalláin

1376    -    Seán ua Ruanadha

1377    -    Eóin ua Ruanadha

1377    -    Ruarcán ua (a) Hadhmaill (AU. 1376; FM.)

1378    -    Seán ua Fialáin (FM.)

1382    -    Giolla Brighde ua Scingín

1384    -    Maoilin ua Maoilchonaire (AC)

1385    -    Tanaidhe mac Páidrigín Mhóir ua Maoilchonairef

1387    -    Goffraidh Fionn ua Dálaigh

1390    -    Maol Muire mac Craith (Ferm. 92b )

1391    -    Bébhionn inghean ui Maoilchonairef

1391    -    Tadhg Mor mac Giolla-Choluim ua Huiginnf

1394    -    Tadhg ua Heachaidhéin

1396    -    Matha ua Luinin

1397    -    Gearóid iarla an dána (Ferm. 76b )

14th Century    -    Aingleach ua Domhnalkiin

14th Century    -    Mathghamhain ua Raghallaigh

14th Century    -    Tadhg Camchosach ua Dálaigh

14th Century    -    Torna ua Maoilchonaire

14th Century    -    Nera mac Morainn (CZ. iii, p.

14th Century    -    Mathghamhain Ruadh ua Huiginn f

14th Century    -    Ua Maoilchíaráin (O'Gr. Ca p.344)

14th Century    -    Cathán ua Duinnin (O'Gr. Ca pp.51, 564)

14th Century    -    Bladhmac mac Conbretan mheic Congusa (O'R. p.cxii)

14th Century    -    Diarmaid mac Craith

14th Century    -    Dubdáthúath mac Stéléne 1783(LL. p. 71;  Aisl. M. p.7; Lism, 95a 2)

1400    -    Eoghan (an tórthóir) mac Donnchadha Mhaoil mhic Craith (O'Gr. Cat. pp.342, 359, 660)

1400    -    Tuirn mac Tornai

1400    -    Seán mac Feargghail 'Oi ua Huiginn

1404    -    Domhnall mac Donnchadha ua Dálaigh (Bolg an dána)f

1404    -    Donnchadh Baccach ua Maoilchonairef

1404    -    Tuathal mac Maoilseachlainn ua Domhnalláinf

1404    -    Cearbhall ua Dálaigh (Maccaomh Innse Creamha)

1408    -    Seán mac Conmidhe

1409    -    Eigneach ua Duinnin

1409    -    Flann mac Seáin mhic Dhomhnalláin (mentioned ACL 1288)

1415    -    Dubhthach mac Eochadha (AU.)

1415    -    Muirghius ua Dálaigh (AU.)

1415    -    Ua Dálaigh Midhe (AU. )

1415    -    Clasach ua Cobhthaig

1418    -    Giolla 'Iosa mac Firbhisigh

1419    -    Fearcheart ua Huiginn

1420    -    Fearghal mac Taidhg mhic Aengusa Ruaidh ua Dálaigh ollamh Corcomodhruadh

1420    -    Eachmarcach Ruadh mac Conmidhe

1420    -    Giolla na naomh ua Huidhrinn

1420    -    Aengus ua Dálaigh mac Cerbhaill Bhuidhe (O'Gr. Cat. pp.353, 361)

1420    -    Conaing Buidhe ua Maoilchonaire (O'R. p.cxx)

1425    -    Ruaidhri Ruadh ua Huiginnf

1428    -    Tomás mac Giolla na naomh (O'R. p.cxxiv)

1431    -    Eoghan ua Fialáin

1434    -    Maol 'losa mac Conmidhe ollamh Ui Néill

1434    -    Seancha mac Cruiti.n

1438    -    Seán ua Clumháin (O'Gr. Cat. p.353; Book ofthe Dean)

1441    -    Maoilin mac Tanaidhe mhic Paidin ua Maoilchonaire

1441    -    Piarus Cam ua Luinin

1446    -    Domhnall ua Cobhthaigh

1446    -    Tanaidhe mac Maoilin ua Maoilchonairef

1448    -    Tadhg 'Og mac Taidhg Mhóir mhic Ghiolla-Choluim ua Huiginn

1448    -    Fear Midhe uile

1450    -    Tuathal ua Huiginn

1452    -    Aedh ua Cobhthaig mac an Chlasaigh

1453    -    Aedh Ruadh mac Mathghamhna

1459    -    Maol Muire ua Cianáin

1459    -    Muircheartach ua Dálaigh

1459    -    Seán Cam mac Con-Uladh mhic an Bhaird

1461    -    Niall ua 'Og ua Huiginn

1461    -    Aengus mac Craith

1461    -    Niall mac Fearghail ua Huiginn

1465    -    Cú-Chonnacht mac Rithbheartaigh

1468    -    Benén mac Sescnéin

1473    -    Brian mac Roibeird mhic Aedhagáin ollamh Ui Chonchobhair Dhuinn Ui Ainlighi

1473    -    Giolla na naomh mac Ruaidhri Mhór ua Huiginn

1475    -    Cormac ua Cuirnín oide éiges n'Eirenn

1475    -    Giolla na naomh mac Maoilseachlainn ua Huiginn

1475    -    Ruaidhri Glas mac Carmuic

1478    -    Ciothruadh mac Rithbheartaigh

1478    -    Goffraidh 'Og mac an Bhaird (AU.)

1480    -    Fearghal mac Eochadha

1480    -    Pilip Riabhach mac Amhlaoibh mhic Uidhir

1480    -    Aengus ua Heodhusa mac Seáinf

1481    -    Conchobhar Ruadh mac Conmidhe (O'Gr. Cat. p.342)

1482    -    Erard ua Maoilchonairef

1483    -    Conchobhar 'Og mac Flannchadhaf

1483    -    Seán ua Fialáin (AU.)

1485    -    Giolla Pádraig mac Briain mhic Mhaoilseachlainn ua Huiginn

1485    -    Brian ua Huidir fer dána dothrian Chonghailf

1486    -    Tadhg mac Aodhagáin

1487    -    Domhnall ua Maoilchonaire

1487    -    Muirghius mac Lochlainn ua Maoilchonairef

1487    -    Seán mac Aedhagáinf

1487    -    Seán mac Conchobhair mhic Aedhagáinf

1487    -    Siodhradh ua Maoilchonairef

1488    -    Maol Muire mac Taidhg 'Oig ua Huiginn

1488    -    Nuadha mac an Bhairdf

1489    -    Maol Seachlainn mac Lochlainn ua Maoilchonairef

1490    -    Seán mac Uilliaim mhic Aodha ua Dálaigh

1492    -    Tadhg Cam ua Cléirigh

1493    -    Tadhg mac Conchobhair Ruaidh mhic Eachmharcaigh mac Conmidhe

15th Century    -    Eoghan mac an Bhaird (Bruss. MS. 6131-33, fo. i5b )

15th Century    -    Aedh 'Og mac Craith

15th Century    -    Brian Ruadh mac Conmidhe

15th Century    -    Dalian mac Alia maic Ere maic Feradaig, CZ. iii, p.

15th Century    -    Goffraidh ua Cléirigh

15th Century    -    Fáelán mac an gabann  (Arch, ii, p.140 ; FM. 1423)

15th Century    -    Maol Conaire mac Torna (mentioned FM. 1487)

15th Century    -    Eoghan mac Goflfradha Finn (O'Gr. Ca p.358)

1502    -    Maol Seachlainn mac Conchonnacht mhic Rithbheartaigh

1502    -    Domhnall mac Briain ua Huiginn (A Clonm., 1501FM.)

1505    -    Brian 'Og mac Briainmhic Dhomhnaill Chaim ua Huiginnf

1505    -    Cairbre mac Briain ua Huiginnf

1506    -    Páidín ua Maoilchonaire

1506    -    Solamh mac Seáin mhic Solaimh mac Conmidhe (FM.)

1507    -    Aengus ua Dálaigh Cairbreachf

1507    -    Ceannfaeladh ua Cuill

1507    -    Domhnall mac Taidhg mhic Ghiolla Mhichil ua Fiaichf

1507    -    Goffraidh Fionn ua Dálaighf

1507    -    Seán ua Gearáinf

1507    -    Tomás mac Craithf

1508    -    Cormac ua Cianáin

1510    -    Eoghan mac Briain ua Huiginn (FM.)

1510    -    Eoghan Ruadh mac an Bhaird Tire Conaill (O'Gr. Cat. P- 342)

1514    -    Tadhg mac Donnchaidh mhic Taidhg mhic Chearbhaill ua Dálaigh Corcomruadh

1516    -    Brian 'Og mac Briain Ruaidh mac Conmidhe

1518    -    Ciothruadh mac Athairne ui Eodhusa -

1519    -    Maoilin mac Torna ua Maoilchonaire

1522    -    Diarmaid mac Taidhg Chaim ua Cléirigh

1522    -    Aedh mac an Bhaird mac Nuadhad

1524    -    Cu-Chonnacht mac Rithbheartaighf

1525    -    Brigit ingen Dubthaig

1525    -    Deagánach mac Conmidhe

1529    -    Cosnamhach mac Fearghail mhic Donnchadha Duibh mhic Aedhagáinf

1529    -    Domhnall mac Aedhagáin

1520    -    Maol Seachlainn ua Cianáin

1534    -    Maol Muire mac Eochadha

1536    -    Tomás ua Huiginn

1542    -    Brian Dorcha mac Solaimh mhic Chonmidhe

1543    -    Muirghius mac Paidin ua Maoilchonaire

1544    -    Mobí Clárenech, (AU.)

1546    -    Tadhg ua Cobhthaig (FM. a.d. 1546, 1554)

1554    -    Tadhg mac Aodha ua Cobhthaig

1556    -    Uaithne mac Uilliaim ua Cobhthaig

1560    -    Fearghal ua Cionga (O'R. p.exxxvii)

1560    -    Seán mac Torna ua Maoilchonaire

1563    -    Maoilin mac Conchobhair mhic Dhiarmada mhic Seáin (FM.)

1563    -    Diarmaid mac Conchobhair mhic Dhiarmada mhic Seáin mac Bruaidedhaf

1565    -    Tadhg Cam mac Tuathail ua Cléirigh

1570    -    Aengus Fionn ua Dálaigh

1570-1652    -    Tadhg mac Dáire mac Bruaidedha

1572    -    Eoghan Ruadh mac Fearghail mhic Dhomhnaill Ruaidh mac an Bhaird

1572    -    Muirghius Ballach mac Conchoigriche mhic Dhiarmada ua Cléirigh

1572    -    Eóin Carsuel

1573    -    Uilliam mac Aengusa mhic Craith

1575    -    Aedh mac Baethghalaigh mhic Flannchadha

1580    -    Flann mac Eoghain mac Craith (O'Gr. Cat. pp.343> 544)

1580    -    Muircheartach ua Cionga (O'R. p.cxli)

1582    -    Brian Dorcha mac Conmidhef

1582    -    Brian mac Eoghain Mhaoil ua Domhnalláin (O'Gr. Cat. pp.344,401)

1583    -    Fearghal 'Og mac Fearghaile mac an Bhaird (O'R.p.cxlii)

1584    -    Diarmaid ua Cobhthaigh (O'R. p.cxlv)

1585    -    Seán mac Ruaidhri 'Oig ua Huiginn ((CZ. ii, p.343; Abbott)

1586    -    Muircheartach ua Cobhthaigh (O'R. p.cxlvi)

1587    -    Maol Muire mac Connla mac an Bhaird (O'R. p.cxlvii)

1590    -    Cú-Chonnacht mac Maoilsechlainn ua Dálaigh (O'R. p.cxlviii)

1590    -    Diarmaid mac an Bhaird (O'R. p.cxlix)

1592    -    Tuathal mac Taidhg Chaim ua Cléirigh

1595    -    Mac Con mac Concoigriche mhic Dhiarmada mhicthaidhg Chaim ua Cléirigh

1598    -    Cainnech moccu Dálon 1598

16/17th Century    -    Fear feasa ua (an) Cháinte (O'R. p.clxxvii)

16 /17th Century    -    Giolla Brighde (Bonaventura) ua Heodhosa

16 /17th Century    -    Eochaidh ua Heodhusa  (O'R. p.clxxxiii)

16 /17th Century    -    Aindrias mac Marcuis (O'Gr. Ca p.397)

16 /17th Century    -    Maol Muire mac Cairbre ua Huiginn (O'Gr. Ca PP.344, 442)

16 /17th Century    -    Diarmaid ua Briain (O'R. p.clxiii)

16 /17th Century    -    Donnchadh ua Fialáin (O'R. p.clxiii)

16 /17th Century    -    Mathghamhain ua Hiífearnáin (O'R. p.clxiii)

16 /17th Century    -    Mac Colgan (O'R. p.clxiii)

16th Century    -    Cormac mac Cearbhaill mhic Chonmidhe

16th Century    -    Dalian Forgaill

16th Century    -    Domhnall mac Dáire mac Bruaidedha

16th Century    -    Muirghius ua Heodhusa

16th Century    -    Tadhg Mór ua Cobhthaig 1

16th Century    -    Tadhg 'Og ua Dálaigh

16th Century    -    Tuilgne (Tuileagna) Ruadh ua Maoilchonaire

16th Century    -    Maol Seachlainn ua Cobhthaigh (Abbot Ca p.301)

16th Century    -    Raghnall mac Eochadha (Abbot Ca p.301)

16th Century    -    Conchobhar Crón ua Dálaigh (CZ. ii, p.330)

16th Century    -    Irial ua Huiginn (CZ. ii, p.330)

16th Century    -    Cormac mac Eoghain ua Dálaigh (Ferm. 121a i )

16th Century    -    Seán Buidhe ua Dálaigh (Gael. J. 14, p.836"; O'Gr. Ca pp.343, 379)

16th Century    -    Pilip mac Cuinn Chrosaigh (Gael. J. ix, 307*; Arch. )

16th Century    -    Seán mac Finghin Arda Cianachta (Gael. J. xii, 571)

16th Century    -    Eoghan ua Dubhthaigh (Gael. J. xiv, p.766'; O'Gr. Ca p.55)

16th Century    -    Fear flatha ua Gnimh (Hard, ii, p.102; O'Gr. Ca p.642)

16th Century    -    Gearóid Nuinsionn (Gerald Nugent) (Hard, ii, p.226)

16th Century    -    Aenghus ua Dálaigh mac Daighre (Hard, ii, p.280; Gael. J. ix, 36i b ; O'Gr. Ca p.504; Abbot Ca p.301)

16th Century    -    Baothghalach Dubh mac Aodhagáin (O'Gr. Ca P- 542)

16th Century    -    Domhnall mac Tomáis ua Huiginn (O'Gr. Ca p.344)

16th Century    -    Maol Muire Bacach ua Géaráin (O'Gr. Ca p.407)

16th Century    -    Seán mac Céibhfínn (O'Gr. Ca pp, 342, 355)

16th Century    -    Cormac mac Gillacholuim ua Huiginn (O'Gr. Ca pp.344, 447)

16th Century    -    Ruaidhri mac Aodha mhic Chraith (O'Gr. CaPP- 5°3) 5° 85Abbot Ca p.301)

16th Century    -    Eoghan mac Aodha ua Cobhthaigh (O'R. p.cxlii)

16th Century    -    Domhnall mac Eochadha (O'R. p.cxliii)

16th Century    -    Mathghamhain ua Huiginn (O'R. p.cxliii)

16th Century    -    Niall ua Ruanadha (O'R. p.cxliv)

16th Century    -    Dubthach ua Duibhgennáin (O'R. p.cxlvii)

16th Century    -    Maghnus ua Domhnaill (O'R. p.cxxxiv ; O'Gr. Ca p.604)

16th Century    -    Lochlainn 'Og ua Dálaigh (O'R. p.cxxxv)

16th Century    -    Brian Caoch ua Dálaigh (O'R., p.cxxxiv)

16th Century    -    Fearghal mac Luighdhech mac Eochadha (O'R.p.cxliii)

1600    -    Cú-Uladh mac an Bhaird (O'R. p.clix)

1600    -    Daighre ua Dálaigh

1600    -    Flann mac Craith  (O'Gr. Cat. p.380)

1600    -    Seán mac Bháitéir Breathnach (Hard, ii, pp.244, 412)

1602    -    Maoilin 'Og mac Maoilin mhic Chonchobhair mac Bruaidedha (FM.)

1610    -    Eochaidh mac Maoilseachlainn

1610    -    Muirghius mac Dáibhídh Dhuibh mhic Ghearailt (0'R.p.clxxv)

1612    -    Flann mac Conmidhe (O'R. p.clxxv)

1614    -    Maol Brighde ua Heodhusa

1615    -    Tadhg Dall mac Cairbre ua Huiginn fca. 1615(O'Gr. Cat.

1617    -    Aengus Ruadh mac Amhlaoibh ua Dhálaigh (an Bard Ruadh)

1620    -    Pádraig Haicéad

1623 -1706    -    Tadhg uaRodaighe (Ruddy, Rody) 1623-1706(Hard. ii. p.429)

1625    -    Fearghal 'Og mac an Bhaird (O'R. p.clix)

1629-1681    -    Oliver Plunkett

1630    -    Lughaidh ua Cléirigh (O'Gr. Cat. p.534)

1630    -    Muirghius ua Dálaigh (O'R. p.clxxxv)

1633    -    Mór Muman

1634    -    Cormac mac Fearghail mhic an Bhaird

1637    -    Mochuta (Carthach) Raithne (AU.)

1640    -    Toirdhealbhach Carrach ua Conchobhair

1642    -    Seathrún Cétainn (Geoffrey Keating)f

1650-1693    -    Dáibhídh ua Bruadair

1653    -    Piarus Feiritér

1656-1726    -    Eoghan ua Caoimh (O'Gr. Cat. 493, 527, 581)

1657    -    Ultán moccu Chonchobuir 1657

1658    -    Cuimmine Condeire

1660    -    Muirghius ua Maoilchonaire (O'R. p.clix)

1662    -    Colmán moccu Chlúasaig (Corm. Tr. p.82)

1664    -    Cú-choigríche (Peregrine) ua Clérigh

1668-1724    -    Uilliam mac Cartáin an dúna 1668-1724(O'Gr. Cat. pp.580,582, 583)

1670-1738    -    Toirdhealbhach ua Cearbhalláin 1670-1738(O'R. p.ccxxiii)

1682-1768    -    Peadar ua Doirnín (Gael. J. x, 44")

1690    -    Diarmaid mac Lughadha mhic an Bhaird (O'R. p.cci)

1690    -    Pádraig 'Og mac an Bhaird (O'Gr. Cat. p.55)

1690    -    Diarmaid Ruadh ua Muireadhaigh (O'R. p.cci)

1690    -    Conchobhar ua Coragán (O'R. p.ccii)

1691-1754    -    Seán Clárach mac Domhnaill 1691-1754

1697    -    Moling Lúachra 1605

16o9    -    Eoghan mac GofFradha mhic Eoghain mhic Ghoffradha mac an Bhaird

17 /18th Century    -    Diarmaid 'Og (?) mac Domhnaill mhic Finghin Chaoil ua Súilleabhain

17 /18th Century    -    Tadhg an Gadhra mac Aodhagáin (O'R. p.cciii)

17 /18th Century    -    Tadhg ua Duinnin (CZ. v, p.538)

17 /18th Century    -    Eóin ua Ceallannáin (Gael. J. x, 23)

17 /18th Century    -    Fiachra mac Brádaigh (Gael. J. xii, 581)

17 /18th Century    -    Cathal mac Muireadhaigh (H., p.694)

17 /18th Century    -    Aedh mac Samhradháin (Gabhráin) (O'Gr. Ca p.577; Gael. J. xiv, p.855)

17 /18th Century    -    Tomás ua Conduibh (O'Gr. Ca p.591; Abbot Ca p.383; 'R. p.cciii)

17 /18th Century    -    Tomás ua Cléirigh (O'R. p.ccii)

17 /18th Century    -    Niall mac Cannadh (O'R. p.cciii)

17 /18th Century    -    Seán Mór mac Eoghain Cláraigh ua Raghallaigh (O'R. p.cciii)

17 /18th Century    -    Peadar mac Firfeasa ua Maoilchonaire (O'R. p.cciv)

17 /18th Century    -    Cathal ua Heislionnáin (O'R. p.ccix)

17 /18th Century    -    Pádraig ua Cuirnin (O'R. p.ccv)

17 /18th Century    -    Eamonn ua Caiside (O'R. p.ccvi ; CZ. ii, p.361)

17 /18th Century    -    Goffraidh mac Tairdhealbhaigh ua Ruarca (O'R. p.ccvi)

17 /18th Century    -    Antoine Cuillean (O'R. p.ccviii)

17 /18th Century    -    Pól mac Aodhagán (O'R. p.ccviii)

17 /18th Century    -    Séamus Dall mac Cuarta (O'R. p.ccxi)

17 /18th Century    -    Froinsis Nugent (O'R. p.ccxiii)

17 /18th Century    -    Seán ua Neachtain (O'R. p.ccxiii)

17 /18th Century    -    Seán mac Pilip ua Fearghaile (O'R. p.ccxix)

17 /18th Century    -    Seán ua Néill (O'R. p.ccxix)

17 /18th Century    -    Séamus Ban mac Conmara (O'R. p.ccxviii)

17 /18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Briain (O'R. p.ccxviii)

17 /18th Century    -    Colla mac Seáin (O'R. p.ccxx)

17 /18th Century    -    Eoghan ua Raghallaigh (O'R. p.ccxx)

17 /18th Century    -    Pilip ua Raghallaigh (O'R. p.ccxxi)

17 /18th Century    -    Aedh Buidhe mac Cruitin (O'R. p.ccxxx)

17th Century    -    Aindrias magUidhir

17th Century    -    Anluan mac Aedhagáin

17th Century    -    Boetius Ruadh mac Aodhagáin

17th Century    -    Conchobhar Cam ua Dálaigh Cairbreach

17th Century    -    Domhnall Garbh ua Súilleabháin

17th Century    -    Domhnall mac Taidhg an Gharáin

17th Century    -    Domhnall ua Colmáin

17th Century    -    Pádraig Piarais

17th Century    -    Séaffraidh ua Donnchadha an ghleanna

17th Century    -    Seán uaCléirigh

17th Century    -    Tomás Láidir Coisdealbhach

17th Century    -    Eoghan mac Craith (Abbot Ca p.289)

17th Century    -    Domhnall ua Lorgáin (Abbot Ca p.302)

17th Century    -    Donnchadh mac Domhnaill mhic Eochadha (Abbot Ca p.302)

17th Century    -    Eoghan ua Dálaigh (Abbot Ca p.303)

17th Century    -    Domhnall mac Fir gan ainm mac Eochadha (Abbot Ca p.302)

17th Century    -    Seán 'Og ua Gadhra (Gael. J. 14, 712)

17th Century    -    Eoghan ua Donnghoile (Gael. J. xvi, p.19515)

17th Century    -    Cearbhall óg ua Dálaigh (H, 26, p.118)

17th Century    -    Dáibídh ua Murchadha (Hard, i, pp.228, 337)

17th Century    -    Uilliam 'Og ua Dubhsláine (O'Gr. Ca p.33)

17th Century    -    Froinsis ua Maoilmhuidhe (O'Gr. Ca p.52)

17th Century    -    Fear dorcha mac Cormaic ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Ca p.578)

17th Century    -    Seán mac Colgan (O'Gr. Ca pp.342, 388)

17th Century    -    Domhnall mac Eoghain ua Dálaig (O'Gr. Ca pp.343, 362)

17th Century    -    Seán 'Og ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Ca pp.344, 399)

17th Century    -    Tadhg mac Diarmada 'Oig ua Dálaigh (O'Gr. Ca pp.344, 446; Misc. p.340)

17th Century    -    Seán ua Conaill (O'Gr. Ca pp.564, 598, 622, 632)

17th Century    -    Brian mac Toirdhealbhaigh mhic Ghiolla Phádraig (O'Gr. p.653)

17th Century    -    Uilliam ua Ciaráin (O'R.

17th Century    -    Donnchadh ua Mathghamhna (O'R. p.ccxxxi)

17th Century    -    Robert mac Artúir (O'R. p.cliv)

17th Century    -    Mac Diarmada (O'R. p.clvii)

17th Century    -    Giolla 'Iosa ua Dálaigh (O'R. p.clviii ; Abbot Ca p.302)

17th Century    -    Muireadhach ua Dálaigh (O'R. p.clviii)

17th Century    -    Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliaim mac an Bhaird (O'R. p.clxi)

17th Century    -    Diarmaid 'Og ua Maoilchonaire (O'R. p.clxii)

17th Century    -    Eoghan mac Donnchadha ua Dálaigh (O'R. p.clxvi)

17th Century    -    Aedh ua Domhnaill (O'R. p.clxvii)

17th Century    -    Art 'Og ua Caoimh (O'R. p.clxviii)

17th Century    -    Toirdhealbhach 'Og ua Briain (O'R. p.clxviii)

17th Century    -    Donnchadh Caoch ua Mathghamhna (O'R. p.clxxix)

17th Century    -    Cú-choigcríche macTuathail Bhuidhe ua Duigeannáin (O'R. p.cxc)

17th Century    -    Tomás Dease (O'R. p.cxcii)

17th Century    -    Eamonn mac Domhnaigh (O'R. p.cxcii)

17th Century    -    Seán ua Duinnin (O'R. p.cxcix)

17th Century    -    Cian ua Mathghamhna (O'R. p.cxcvii)

17th Century    -    Muirghius ua Dubhagáin (O'R. p.cxcvii)

17th Century    -    Domhnall Carrach mac Eochadha (O'R. p.cxlv)

17th Century    -    Fearghal Muimhneach ua Duibhgeannáin (O'R. p.cxcii)

17th Century    -    Somhairlemac an Bhaird (O'R.p.cxciii)

1700    -    Raghnall Dall mac Domhnaill fl. 1700 (Gael. J. xiv, p.767)

1700-1762    -    Seán ua Murchadha na Ráithíneach

1704    -    Adamnán mac Rónáin

1705    -    Flann Fina mac Ossu

1706-1775    -    Sean ua Tuama (an ghrinn)

1715-i773    -    Art mac Cobhthaigh (Cumhaidh, Cudhaidhe) (Arthur M'Covey) (Gael. J. x, 251)

1726    -    Aedhagán ua Rathaille

1726    -    Donnchadh mac Seáin Bhuidhe mhic Carrthaig

1729-1819    -    Ristard Barret (Riocard Bairéad)

1730    -    Brian Reabhach ua Cléirigh fl. 1730

1730    -    Fear dorcha ua Fearghaile (O'R. p.ccxxii)

1733    -    Pádraig mac Lionduin (Alindon)

1734    -    Samthand

1743    -    Flann mac Aodha mac an Bhaird (O'Gr. Cat. pp.599, 622)

1746    -    Cú-chuimne

1747    -    Rumann mac Colmáin

1750    -    Uilliam Dall ua Hiffearnáin (Heichthighearnáin) (Hard. ii, p.24)

1750-1820    -    Pól ua Briain 1750-1820 (Gael. J. x, 29)

1754-1817    -    Seán ua Coileáin (John Collins or Cullane)

1760    -    Séamus do Nógla

1760    -    Micheál Coimin

1770    -    Seán ua Briain

1776-1857    -    Pádraig Cúndún

1778    -    Uilliam Inglis 1778(CZ. i, p.140; O'Gr. Cat, p.570)

1784    -    Eoghan Ruadh an bhéil bhinn ua Súilleabháin (Oss. Soc. iii, p.97n. 2; Gael. J. 16, p.225s )

1791-1881    -    Sean mac Héil (John Mac Hale)

1795    -    Tadhg Gaodhlach ua Súilleabháin

1796    -    Colgu ua Dúinechdo

18th Century    -    Aedh mac an Bhaird

18th Century    -    Aedh ua Dálaigh

18th Century    -    Aindrias mac Craith (an Mangaire Súgach)

18th Century    -    Aindrias mac Cruitin

18th Century    -    Anraoi mac Amhlaoibh

18th Century    -    Brian ua Flaithbheartaigh

18th Century    -    Cearbhallán ua Ceallaigh

18th Century    -    Domhnall ua Ceallacháin

18th Century    -    Domhnall ua Cinnéidigh

18th Century    -    Enri mac Amhlaoibh

18th Century    -    Eoghan ua Ceallaigh

18th Century    -    Gearóid mac Gearailt

18th Century    -    Gionán

18th Century    -    Matha ua Héigceartaigh

18th Century    -    Muirghius (Muiris) Múinte ua Heichthighearnáin

18th Century    -    Muirghius ua Griobtha

18th Century    -    Pádraig ua Briain

18th Century    -    Pádraig ua Murchadha

18th Century    -    Pádraig Warren

18th Century    -    Peadar ua Féichín

18th Century    -    Piarus mac Gearailt

18th Century    -    Pilip ua Brádaigh

18th Century    -    SéaíTraidh Caol ua Donnchadha

18th Century    -    Séamus Dall ua Madadháin

18th Century    -    Séamus mac Cunsaidin

18th Century    -    Séamus ua Dálaigh

18th Century    -    Seán ua Cuinneagáin (John Cunningham)

18th Century    -    Seoirse Robart (Roberts)

18th Century    -    Sorcha ní Ghiobúin

18th Century    -    Tadhg Dubh ua Crónáin

18th Century    -    Tadhg mac Seáin ua Neachtain

18th Century    -    Tadhg ua Dábhoirenn

18th Century    -    Toirdhealbhach Láidir ua Briain

18th Century    -    Tomás Gleeson

18th Century    -    Tomás mac Coitir (T. Cotter)

18th Century    -    Tomás ua Bacacháin

18th Century    -    Tomcás ua Miodhacháin

18th Century    -    Uilliam Ruadh mac Coitir

18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Dábhoireann

18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Líonáin

18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Modhráin

18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Súilleabháin

18th Century    -    Ua Luinin (Abbot Ca p.303)

18th Century    -    Seán Lloyd (Abbot Ca p.383)

18th Century    -    Seán do Hóra (Abbot Ca p.383; Gael. J. 14, p.709b , 16, p.279)

18th Century    -    Eamonn ua Macháin (Egerton 160, p.20)

18th Century    -    Tadhg ua Ceallacháin (Egerton 160, p.91)

18th Century    -    Séamus mag Goireachtaigh (Egerton 178, fo. 7)

18th Century    -    Pilip Charly, otherwise Phillips (Egerton 178, fo. 7b )

18th Century    -    Donnchadh (an drúchta) na Súilliobháin (Gael J. xvi. p.728b )

18th Century    -    Seán ua Nualáin (Gael. J. 10, p.616, 10, p.225)

18th Century    -    Cathaoir m. Ceába    -    Mac Cába (Gael. J. 14, 689b )

18th Century    -    Seán ua Ciarmhic (Gael. J. 14, p.649*)

18th Century    -    Domhnall mac Cinnéidigh ua Briain (Gael. J. 14, p.649*; Egerton 160, p.67)

18th Century    -    Conchobhar (Maighistir) ua Ríordáin (Gael. J. 14, p.600 b )

18th Century    -    Dáibhídh (Dáth) mac Pádraig ua Hiarlaithe (Gael. J. 14, p.799a )

18th Century    -    Pádraig ua Pronntaigh (Gael. J. 14, p.7Ó5b )

18th Century    -    Cathal Buidhe mac Giolla Ghunna (Gael. J. 14, p.8o9b )

18th Century    -    Domhnall ua Donnabháin (Gael. J. 16, 2i2b )

18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Dálaigh (Gael. J. 16, p.2ii b )

18th Century    -    Feargus mac Beathadh (Gael. J. 16, p.i96b )

18th Century    -    Diarmaid ua Curnáin (Gael. J. 3, p.22, 47)

18th Century    -    Eibhlin Dubh ni Chonaill (Gael. J. 7, p.18)

18th Century    -    Séamus Veale (Gael. J. iv, 25)

18th Century    -    Eamonn an Chnuic ua Riain (Ryan, Rinn) (Gael. J. iv, 9b ; Munster Poets, p.265) 

18th Century    -    Máire ní Dhonnagáin (Gael. J. iv. 29)

18th Century    -    Maghnus mac 'Ardghaile an t'Ucaire (Gael. J. x. 46b )

18th Century    -    Séamus mac Gearailt (Gael. J. xiv, p.586)

18th Century    -    Séamus mac Coilleadh (J. Woods) (Gael. J. xiv, p.766a)

18th Century    -    Art Mór ua Murchadha (Gael. J. xiv, pp.755b , 765b)

18th Century    -    Aedh mac Domhnaill (Gael. J. xvi, p.2io, b 225b)

18th Century    -    Conchobhar mac Criomhthainn (H. 415, p.680)

18th Century    -    Pádraig ua Conchobhuir (Hard, ii, pp.258, 415)

18th Century    -    Eibhlin ni Chaoilte (Ellen Quilty) (Hard. Ii, pp.82, 149)

18th Century    -    Eoghan (an mhéirín) mac Carrthaigh (Munster Poets, p.320)

18th Century    -    Domhnall na Buile (Munster Poets, p.226)

18th Century    -    Conchobhar ua Súilliobháin (Munster Poets, p.306)

18th Century    -    Doiminic ua Mongáin (Munster Poets, p.344)

18th Century    -    Eadbhard do Nógla (Edw. Nagle) (O'Gr. Ca p.570)

18th Century    -    Eamonn do Bhál (O'Gr. Ca p.570)

18th Century    -    Conchobhar uaBriain (O'Gr. Ca p.572; Gael. J. x, 22b)

18th Century    -    Cathaoir mac Cába (O'Gr. Ca p.575; Brooke, P- 307)

18th Century    -    Cormac (Dall) Common (O'Gr. Ca p.576; Brooke,P- 307)

18th Century    -    Donnchadh mac Labhradha (O'Gr. Ca p.607)

18th Century    -    Giolla Muire Caoch mac Cartáin (O'Gr. Ca p.607)

18th Century    -    Mac Lamhaigh ó Achadh na Muilleann (O'Gr. p.596)

18th Century    -    Brian Dubh ua Raghallaigh (O'R. p.ccxix ; O'Gr. Cat. pp.66, 579, 602)

18th Century    -    Tadhg ua Neachtain (O'R. p.ccxxvii)

18th Century    -    Uilliam Buidhe ua Ciaráin (O'R. p.ccxxx)

18th Century    -    Uilliam ua Briain (O'R. p.ccxxxii)

18th Century    -    Peadar ua Féichín    -    Tadhg an tarta

18th Century?    -    Domhnall Faire ua Gormáin

18th Century    -    Séamus ua Catháil (AU.)

18th Century    -    Uilliam Buinneán (Bunghan)

1800    -    Peadar ua Conchobhair

1808    -    Brian Merriman

1814    -    Donnchad Ruadh mac Conmara (CZ. v, 200 ; Gael. J. iii. )

1828    -    Padraig Denn (Gael. J. 14, 584)

1835    -    Antoine ua Reachtabhra

1861    -    Daniel ua Liathaide

19th Century    -    Aedh mac Ainghil (Hugh McCowell)

19th Century    -    Brian ua Cathaláin

19th Century    -    Colum Wallace

19th Century    -    Donnchadh ua Floinn

19th Century    -    Feidhlim mac Dubhghaill

19th Century    -    Gearóid ua Cuillein 18 /

19th Century    -    Grúibne ogmaire éces di Albain (Ir. T. iii, p.33; RC. 26, p.8; Corm. Tr. pp.74, 75; Land 610, fo. 98"-) Houston

19th Century    -    Micheál Bacach

19th Century    -    Micheál mac Cormaic ua Súilleabháin

19th Century    -    Micheál mac Suibhne

19th Century    -    Micheál 'Og ua Longáin

19th Century    -    Pádraig Dáibhídh (Daeid) an tailliúir gorm

19th Century    -    Peadar mac Siúrtáin

19th Century    -    Séamus ua Cearnaigh

19th Century    -    Seán ua (mac) Diarmada

19th Century    -    Seán ua Braonáin

19th Century    -    Seoirse ua Máille

19th Century    -    Stiophán Seógha

19th Century    -    Finghin ua Súilliobháin (Gael. J. 16, p.100)

19th Century    -    Micheál mac Carthaigh (Gael. J. 16, p.193s)

19th Century    -    Diarmaid mac Seáin ua Conaill (Gael. J. 16, p.21i a )

19th Century    -    Máire Bhuidhe ni Laoghaire (Gael. J. 6, p.182)

19th Century    -    Séamus ua Coindealbháin (Quinlivan) (Gael. J. iii, 53b )

19th Century    -    Peadar Breathnach (Gael. J. v, i5b ; 2q b ; xii, 6o b )

19th Century    -    Eoghan Mór ua Comhraidhe (Gael. J. viii, 5i a)

19th Century    -    Diarmaid ua Floinn (O'Gr. Ca p.563)

19th Century    -    Maol Seachlainn ua Comhraidhe (O'Gr. Ca p.665)

19th Century    -    Eoghan ua Caomhánaigh (O'Gr. Ca p.666)

1901    -    Seán 'Og mac Raith (Ferm.)

1907    -    Flann mac Domhnaill

All errors in the above list are my own as it is a work in progress. Any corrections or additions will be much appreciated (especially dates, the spelling of names and the correct citations for references). If I get ambitious I may all cross reference their poems, writings and other works. I suppose that some of the better encyclopedias and dictionaries out there like Koch's or MacKillop's would be great places to start with that effort.

Is mise le meas,

Searles O'Dubhain

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