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The Ogham of the Day According to the Wisdom of Finneagas

After Lughnasadh of 2012, I was asked by Finneagas to continue his practice of posting the "Ogham of the Day." He had long provided this service to the world but did not feel he could continue to devote the time to the effort that it deserves. I have not posted an Ogham reading or thought every day either. I choose only to post when the reading or spirit behind it is meaningful or impacts our lives. I trust Finnegas approves of the way I am handling the task that he requested of me:

"I am asking you,since much of the Oghams,meanings we wrote,and the application thereof came from study,and largely YOUR work,and so therefore,would you like to take up that torch."

What follows will be a (growing) collection and sampling of such readings to give an idea of what can be seen beyond the surface of events. The general format of the reading will be the Ogham indicated by the Moon for that Day; accompanied by Finneagas' interpretation of it along with the meanings for it in terms of the Moon from my book called Facing the Sun. Often when staring from these points of origin, the wisdom of the Ogham open doors and take me further in mind and spirit. Those experiences are sometimes also included.

The Ogham of the Day According to the Wisdom of Finneagas is Ruis or the Elder Tree (Summer Solstice 2013)
Transformation is continuous, its the shaping might that needs to be harnessed, to bridle the wild horse is the winding spiral/dance of life itself! Endings are new beginnings, yet all things must end, learn the secret of this aspect of life changes to life, death is but a shadow! The Great Spiral and coming transformations are more apparent in the course of the day. New avenues are opening in your favor.

The Moon pursues the Goad of Lugh (Deled Luigh) which is ruled by Nét (Néit) the God of War and who is married to Nemain, one of the Morrigú. His name means 'battle' and may be the original Irish word for it. Her name means, 'battle fury.' He is also said to be the grandfather of Balor. He is married to Macha in some tales (which might make him synonymous with Nuada from the point of view of the Tuatha Dé Danann). Nemain is also confused with Macha, completing the circle. Prior to the Second Battle of Moytura, Lugh incites his troops by goading them with a rhetoric while he employs 'Crane Magic' (hopping on one leg, with one eye closed, and with only one arm visible.). Lugh himself succumbs to battle frenzy later in the story and leaps from the enclosure of his foster fathers to join the fray. When a goad is used to excite us for a noble purpose, it is a blessing. When goading becomes a source of personal pleasure or a way of increasing self-image, then it can lead to destruction. We all possess great power within ourselves that can be awakened by suitable words. In a sense, this house is about channeling the anger and emotion generated from irritation and goading into useful purposes.

At this time of ther Sun’s Standing all things are amplified to the breaking point. Those who lack clarity now will see these days as disrupted and confused. Those who have a clarity of purpose will be able to transmute the disruptions into useful constructive energy. It is a tiger by the tail but it is a huge wave that can be ridden on to victory and success. Those who will succeed shall respond to coming events in a way that will be unexpected and positive all others will be submerged by the way and will see to shelter in the passing of the wave. They will lie upon the beach seeking the safe way while others will garner these forces and move forward in their life goals. The time for this is short as the shadow of confusion will grow longer after a few days so that the initial charge must direct and spearhead the charge while light is abundent. The ebb is beginning but now we are upon the heights and all things are possibble for the bold.

The Ogham of the Day According to the Wisdom of Finneagas is Saile - Willow (31 March 2013)
Relationships today need a bending a little as like the Willow, too much rigidity, in time will break anything, so learn to relax and flow. Attempt to delve all aspects and sort into facts for usage both mundane and magical, know a given 'plan(s)', an appropriate 'time allocation' to assert ones will. Knowing how the Spiral... is moving will aid in life’s transformations.

The symbol associated with this time and Ogham is a small square that represents the “little cage” of creativity and creation. In some traditions this is drawn as a square but in actuality and Ogham it could also be a spiral in many dimensions, while a square in only two. It is a small place or a large place depending on how many realms that one considers. The Moon empowers its working even while diminishing. The day represents the universe as deity, reflecting the connection to deity from within. This idea reaches across religious boundaries today as this is pretty much what Jesus was teaching from his own Druid-like perspective and in his working. Today’s work for each of us is to find the small cage within that is a square or an infinite spiral. Using the connection it makes, we can manifest the goodness from within that leads each of us to deity.

The large and the small house for these workings is known as Leabaidh Filidh:

This is the Bed of the Poets, the place within and around each of us that shelters our creativity and truth. Amergin is another son of Míl who was the Ollamh of their Draíothe and Filidh. He is noted for his roscana in claiming the land of Ireland for the Mileseans and for stilling the storm of the Tuatha Dé Danann (that sank the ship of Donn). Amergin found favor with the three Goddesses of Sovereignty when he promised to name Ireland for each of them. He also gave the first judgement in Ireland. Its truth saved his life, when he was challenged by the Tuatha Dé to decide what would be a fair thing to do regarding the initial hostilities between the Sons of Míl and Ethor, Cethor and Téthor (the names of Mac Coll, Mac Céacht and Mac Grían). Amergin is said to have slain Mac Grían at the mound of Tailtenn (Teltown) in Meath.

The Ogham of the Day According to the Wisdom of Finneagas is  Huath - Hawthorn (20 March 2013)
Definitely a time to ponder things in retrospect. The possibility of sudden dangers arising with lack of awareness. Begin the process of transforming bad patterns especially the destructive ones, seek out wisdom with a disterning eye, be aware of hidden enemies and their actions. Put aside fear, it will only lead to fai...lure, keep to your path it will become a comfort.

The Moon is in the House of the Two Vessels and has two choices to make between its two possibilities. Currently the chice is a positive one and will manifest opportunity if boldly pursued, If this choice is not made now then the pathway of rejection and decline will soon make such things as difficult as they can be. Each Moon we have these choices to make. Learn from the last, Make a decision now and look to the next time that power comes to help you.

“I have an axe;
Let one of you take it in his hand and cut off my head today,
and I will cut off his head tomorrow.”

(Uath Mac Imoman - The Champion’s Portion from Bricriu’s Feast)

It is no time to be timid or shy in making decisions no matter how difficult they may be. The time is now for increase or else accept the decrease that follows.

The Ogham of the Day According to the Wisdom of Finneagas is Blackthorn - Straif (Imbolc 2013)
Be expecting unexpected change today, oftimes the path of Fate and circulating influences cannot be avoided. Cast off negative thought patterns, anger and unfruitful emotions as they will not serve you with Blackthorn. A good time to build magical might and reinforce your will, but seek truthful clarification about those who you suspect l...ie and deceive.

The Moon is in the Cró of Lugh

(The Hidden House of Lugh)

Lugh was the Tuatha Dé Danann God of the Sky and Air. His weapon was lightning and his voice was thunder. It was he that brought the rains and storms as well as the light of the clearing day. The Cró of Lugh has two meanings: It is the move that Lugh invented in the chess game of Fidchell from which there was no escape. It is also the name of the enclosure of his foster fathers who attempted to shield him from battle at the Second Battle of Moytura. When the battle was joined, Lugh was overcome with passion and the spirit of battle. He was able to leap out of the Cró, escaping his own 'circle of spears.'

The day will provide a time when one's preparation make it opportune for taking action. Be ready to leap and focus your rnrthies and abilities to create a prosperous future but be cautious in picking and choosing your battleground.

The Ogham of the Day According to Finneagas is Coll - Hazel (14 January 2013) 
As the Hazel says the height of the Sun today and its inspiration will lead to poetic verse and time to 'unfold' into the light of Beli during this time, the tongue creates the strains that resembles Awen in full glory. Begin to awaken the senses, draw deep into self as a Earth connection and centering needs to be realized. Meditations will yield wondrous results, an inner journey awaits you.

We are coming out of the darkness of the Moon. The spirit has abided in solitude and contemplation. On this day of the Moon with the Sun returning on its greater path, insights and imbas will be empowerded. This is the time of the two Finns: Finneagas and Fionn; the master and the student. Fec’s Pool surrounds us and collects the power of the Sun within its depths. Eating the Salmon of Wisdom today will bring clarity of vision and prophecy. We have survived the darkness, Creativity appoaches us with wonders and gifts. The Serpent will soon rise from the depths and we shall find our twin in wisdom and learning. It may well be our selves that we discover.

The Ogham of the Day according to the Wisdom of Finneagas is Holly or Tinne (24 November 2012)
Possible conflicts may arise today, be aware of the true nature of it. A dynamic reality with an aspect of combination energies, leads to changing currents at this time. Look deep within yourself with zeal, overcome lazy thoughts and ideals, you can be victorious in your efforts. Begin the process of returning darkness... to where it originates.

The Moon has entered the House of the Eye of Goll. Within is the fire of sacrifice. One must maintain dedication and energy to keep to a purpose so that it can be achieved. This can mean working with those that normally are in opposition because mutual success is there providing prosperity for everyone involved. Honoring one’s commitments is also required, even if the success may not be yours but another’s.

The Ogham of the Day according to Finneagas is  Heather or Ur (6 November 2012)
This day has deep rooted Spiritual impulses at work and play, as things MAY seem chaotic the tide is formulative. Look to inner healing energies today, send healing thoughts and deeds to someone who very much needs it. Now is the time for community building in truth, as untruths will fall to the wayside. The transformations are happenin...g in full power now. Enchantments are afoot, both light and dark.

The Moon is in the House of Bres which means that prestigious office is at hand and its symbol is a throne. The question here is concerning Lugh and Bres with one replacing the other. Time and the voters will give us an opportunity to see who is a pretty face and who will get some work done to insure prosperity for the people.

The lesson to be learned in the House of Bres is that a gaining of prosperity is not in itself a gift or an advantage unless that prosperity also brings prosperity to others. This experience is sometimes symbolized within the tales as a gift from the gods (or even a wife of the Sídhe). The reception of such good fortune is usually accompanied by a prohibition to reveal its source. If the secret is revealed then the gifts are taken away and things are worse than they would have been without the gift in the first place. A person can become too locked into material things and squander the chance to rise to the heights (by forgetting the good fortune of the original gift). Gifts should be appreciated but they should not be held captive or hoarded. Who will bring prosperity by sharing the wealth and who will be miserly in an attempt to keep it for himself? These are the questions to be asked of anyone being chosen to be a leader.

The Ogham of the Day according to Finneagas is  Ivy or Gort (4 November 2012)
This is the will of the group mind and its effects on you as an individual. Thoughts meander and entangle as the Ivy itself today, stay in focus and keep centered. Do not cultivate what you wish not to keep or avoid. The ill intent of others will be paid with karmic reaction, and those who choose to lie and deceive will be exposed and the...n overcome.

The Moon is declining in its positive influences but is still a factor for resolving understanding. Accordingly, the Ogham understanding of this fidh in the Feasting Hall of the Fomorii is that one must go into their hall as the Dagda did in all meekness yet be able to call upon one's truth in being to hold to purpose. Doing so allows a person to request what seems to be a small reward (such as the Gray Cow) yet having this small reward means that all of the good things bound to that truth also will come to you.

Now, in this time of voting and decisions, in the time when darkness begins to grip the land, one must hold to the truths that will bring the greater rewards. That includes going to the polls, doing what is right for the environment and Nature, as well as small kindnesses for others in one’s personal life. A small favor may bring be rewards in the future if one’s heart truth is in the action. Gort can mean a garden or a famine. The difference between the two is accomplished through decisions in what and when to plant as well as being found in remaining true to one’s intentions.

As Shakespeare’s Mark Anthony said, “The evil that men do lives after them while the good is often interred with their bones.” Remaining true to one’s heart truth insures that the crop that returns and remains from any activity is a garden rather than a famine or scourge upon the land. Ivy or Gort is a vine and binds us to our actions and intentions, both visible and hidden deep within the recesses of one’s soul.
Finneagas' Ogham of the Day is Oir (5 October, 2012)
To make an honorable assessment, for personal obligations, taking care to seek out 'authentic/proven' authority. Being away of 'those' that would appear to be deceptive in undertakings. Seek a higher goal for happiness! Adjust energies to 'shape' into a more fulfilling manifestation(s).Know the tides of the season will now uprise and feel a little overwhelming!
The "House of Red" (Da Dearga) is a symbol for this as well as a human head. don't lose your head is the message. Remain calm and cool in teh face of adversity. Reign in teh emotions and animal nature to focus on creating and making one's dreams a reality while treading through the obstacles and geassa (taboos) that have been placed in your path. This house is about keeping one’s head through maintaining one’s obligations and geasa. Since the head is also the house of the soul and the home of the mind, the House of Red also can be considered to be a double edged sword. When it is used to resolve mundane matters we are more successful in the material world (yet also more locked into a hardness of form). This is the way of logic and reasoning. When we go beyond the physical, it is the mind that can be our guide to focus our energy and to shape our purpose. As with the case of geasa, this use of the mind can determine whether one loses one's head or stays within it. Keep in mind the examples of Bran the Blessed, Ruadh, and not rushing into Da Derga's Hostel.

Here's what Finneagas' Ogham has to say about today:  Ioho (Ifin or Pine) (20 September 2012)
The patterns of the past are changing rapidly now. Begin to see change as a necessary friend instead of an enemy, it will ease the transition. Have a care with sudden bouts of depression and a sense of powerlessness. Be sure to 'empower your lives' today. Be aware of fraudulent people taking unfair advantage of you. Remove... that which isn’t needed now, seek out new growth cycles.

My views and insights:

The waxing Moon is reflecting from the Evil Eye of Balor. Mars is occluded by the Moon. The Sun sails on a level sea and the White Hazel is transmuted into a shield of protection. This Ogham sign is all about letting the Earth turn things back to their natural course, even when they seem harmful. I find the remarks about "fraudulent people" to be particularly apt now and hope that the ground level truth transmutes their words and actions into realizations for each of us as to what is right and good for us to do.

Those born today will tend to be:

Those who are devoted to hospitality and prosperity, people learned and skilled in handling fire, engineers, cooks, chefs, merchants and electricians.

Things that have seemed negative will in general tend to get better in the coming days. Balor's Eye was poisoned while a youth and its evil consumed him in that life, yet the power that caused the harm was reshaped within the wood of the White Hazel as Manannán's Shield that later became Fionn's Shield of Ogham.

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